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XG32UQ - How to update Firmware?

Level 7


today i get my XG32UQ for my PS5 / XSX.

I ask myself if it is possible to update the Firmware of the Monitor?

And if yes, do i need to connect the monitor to a PC (with USB) and use a software, or is it enough to use a USB-Drive with the firmwarefile.

And if its a USB-Drive, where can i download it?

Thanks a lot!


Level 14

I would expect it to be similar to my XG43UQ.  Just plug the supplied USB 3.0 A-to-B cable into a PC and run the firmware updater.

Right now, however, I'm not seeing any firmware downloads for it.  If any are released in the future, a firmware tab will be added to the XG32UQ Downloads page (the downloads on there right now are for use with a Windows PC).

Ok, thanks!

Thats why i asked: I can't find an update on the download-page and i thought i need the display-widget-software for it... but it's good that this is not the case!

And because there is no update for the XG32UQ - i dont need to do anything 🙂

Thanks again!