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XG27UQR DDC/CI Problem

Level 7

Hi all. Anyone that have this monitor or can help. thanks

So I have 2 monitors connected to my PC, asus XG27UQR on DisplayPort and Samsung on HDMI.

When I turn off my asus monitor I hope it get disabled in windows, and this never happens, the samsung ought become the primary monitor, instead of that the windows stay in the asus monitor with black screen, the led turns off.

When I turn on the asus monitor and logo is shown is like first it turn off because the samsung monitor becomes primary for 3-5 sec and then it is like turn on because the I can hear the Windows detection sound, so all windows return to the asus monitor.

I download asus display widget and some times i can´t control remotly by DDC/CI, the program detect the monitor but if I change something the monitor stay same, in other times it change.

I try chat support but they don't help for anything.

So this is the behavior or it is a failure ???

Who, tried other DP cable, other PC, other video card, if I connect the asus monitor to HDMI it get a lot of green dots and blinking, sending data with DDC/CI enabled and disabled, reset monitor to factory. And nothing work