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XG279Q - NEEDS firmware update to remove deep sleep

Level 10
My old monitor, the PG279Q, had an option to disable this terrible setting. Now on the XG279Q without the option to turn it off, getting into the BIOS is nigh impossible and also every time I bootup and turn my monitor off/on, Windows thinks I have no monitor connected and it messes up multimonitor setups.

Please, update the firmware for these monitors so that we can disable these awful settings. They're ruining an otherwise decent display.

My problem no pg248q asus no power led blue i have help thank!

Level 9
The white version of this monitor have a newer firmware. Did it solved the delay on response time?


I performed a bios update a few days ago (which said it had performed successfully) but upon reset boot my vga light stayed on along with my boot light and i had no display signal to my monitor (xg279q-g). I had no choice but to just reboot my pc via power switch and thankfully everything seems fine but this is a real problem...there needs to be a firmware update to fix this.

Level 10