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XG258Q VESA mount

Level 7

I have a XG258Q monitor.
One of the reasons I bought it is that it claimed to be VESA compatible.
However, its design where the holes are make it impossible to mount it to anything.
To add to that, I have "modified" mounting plate of my VESA arm => I had to bend corners of the plate to fit inside that damn circled design. Terrible, but not there yet. I also had to purchase spacers (1cm thick) and longer screws to finally be able to mount the monitor on an arm. But we are not there yet. Upon trying to screw in the last screw, the threaded bit (not sure what it's called) has fallen off and dipped inside the monitor making it impossible to mount the VESA mount correctly (holding only on 3 screws).

How do I go about it? How come is it even VESA compliant? VESA is known as Flat Display Mounting Interface, but f*** all it isn't flat whatsoever. That's already false advertisement to me if you can't mount it with the most basic VESA arm. It is not acceptable that I had to modify my VESA mount arm to get it "fit" inside that circle thing...
Yes, bends are not perfect, but I shouldn't be forced to do it in the first place.

Level 7
I agree 100%