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Wierd issues with my Asus swift PG278Q

Level 7
so just a few days ago i bought myself the monitor mentioned above.
At first i was very happy about its arrival but as soon as i plugged it in the problems started.
First of all i wasnt able to set the monitor to 144HZ. The Nvidia control panel locked it at 120Hz. Going into the Monitor settings directly without the nvidia control panel allowed me to change the frequency to 144hz but also resulted in this wierd screen colour pattern. Secondly the button to (i dont exactly know if it should cycle or just one way through the frequencies) change the frequencies only works one way and, having stated the other problem earlier, only goes up to 120Hz.
I tried that with the standard DP 1.2 cable that comes with the screen and with a 50 Euro highend cable from my dad
The rest of the monitor works fine as far as i were able to confirm.(Gsync etc.)

What im running atm : Nvidia gtx 680 phantom 4GB , 32GB Ram , Windows 7 professional , latest drivers as stated from geforce experience

i want to know if this is an driver error or an issue with the monitor itself because i have to send it back if that thing is broken...
Thanks in advance.

Some pictures can be found below :

The background normally consists of vivid blue colours and black bars replace the normal windows bars


Level 7
The latest driver (340.52 WHQL) is bugged with Windows7 and 600-series card and will not allow 144Hz to be selected. You can make the 144Hz appear in the NVCPL and you can actually use it, but you have to re-plug the DP-cable on the fly. This isn't a proper workaround though, as the 144Hz will get lost after a reboot.

Roll back to 337.88 WHQL and the 144Hz option will work properly.

I also had the same problem and I had to do the rollback and I have also filed a bug report to NVIDIA so they are aware of this behaviour.

Thanks for the quick answer,
i will roll the drivers and give that a shot. I hope this also fixes the wierd colour scheme when i tried to force 144Hz.
Btw this might be a stupid question but i want to ask it anyway : Is the osd or whatever button supposed to cycle trough the frequncies like
60 Hz --> 120Hz --> 144Hz --> 60Hz or is it meant as a one way toggle? In my case i can only switch from 60 to 120 (144Hz was missing at that time) and then it didnt go back to 60.

Level 7
i have an asus pg278q, and an asus g750jx nvidia gtx770m, i can´t get more than 100Hz, after the installation of the driver 353.49-notebook-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international.hf that some guy at Nvidia advise me, he told me to restart, and i already made the stereoscopic test, now did ok, but only with 100Hz max..previously i only get 85Hz, and the test was failing.
now i´m at this point
i can´t create a 144Hz personalized resolution, it simply doesn´t appear
i have no CD, because i bought it used.
cable is a displayport, mini in one hand to connect it to my laptop, and the other hand is normal, to connect to the monitor
i was working with an Asus VG248QE, and had no problems, now with this new one, i´m stuck
i already uninstall the drivers with revo uninstaller, then pass with ccleaner, then driver sweeper, and uninstall it from device manager, and nothing i keep getting 100Hz maximum.....

my specs and screenshots

Need some help here please

Thank you very much in advance my friends

One minor thing. You don't have to worry about the DVD that comes with the monitor. You can get all the necessary files from ASUS and nVidia's website.