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What is happening to my Monitor?

Level 7
So recently, I noticed when I turn on my pc my main monitor starts lagging. Even opening start menu, loading programs, everything lags. But my second monitor doesn't do any of that and is perfectly fine and running in a stable state.
I thought that maybe it is a windows issue, so I waited for an update to come out. Thats when I started getting white streaks go across my screen when turning my pc on and getting to the desktop, everything was still lagging, but my second monitor was still completely fine. The weird thing is that when I log out of Windows, and back in, the issue fixes itself, I thought maybe a startup program caused this but nope.
I thought it maybe a GPU issue but I ruled that out, I switched the cables and the issue still persisted. When I turned my pc on once, I went to the toilet and came back to my monitor in this state:

The Monitor model is
Here is the link to Amazon where I got it from