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Weird vertical slice issue with Asus PG278QR and Intel graphics

Level 7
I have a PG278QR monitor I am currently using for my work at home setup with a Dell Latitude Core i7 6600U laptop. Once in a while, when I bring my laptop back out of sleep to start my work day, I will encounter a vertical slice taken out of the middle of my screen and placed at the far right of the screen. It is wide enough, I think about 5-8 pixels, to cut many letter in half, making much of my work contents difficult to read. Screen shots taken don't show this issue, and the slice is take out of the mouse cursor when moving over it, which leads me to believe it is not the graphics, but the screen, but I can't be sure. I have updated the drivers repeatedly. It takes changing the resolution down to 1080p and back to 1440p repeatedly to get it to stop.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is this a problem with the screen or the graphics or the drivers? Any other opinions? I appreciate all feedback.