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Uneven white/grey temperature PG279QZ

Level 7
So I recently bought the PG279QZ and everything is great except the color temperature variance from top to bottom. The whites and greys are noticeably warmer at the top than those at the bottom. I ordered a second one from Amazon but that one had the same issue but it was worse! I kept the better of the two. With some calibration its not as bad but I can definitely still see it when I'm surfing the web or using lighter applications... Does anyone know how to make it less noticeable or a fix? Is anyone else having this issue?


Level 7
what resolution and refresh rate are you running at? Are you using the supplied DP cable?

I don't know how to fix your problem. Just gathering research for my own problem, lol.

Level 7
Resolution is 1440P, 165Hz, using supplied DP cable.

i see it in my PG278Q too. it will happen in low contrast and brightness.

Level 7
this happens with mine too... just rma'd my monitor PG279Q, the first one i have is 2017 batch. which i have to rma it because of dead pixel and bad ips glow, then i came straight to asus's distributor to get a replacement and have to unbox 5 brand new unit to get my replacement unit that acceptable, all the tested unit is bad , dead pixels in 4 units, terrible BLB .. then i took the one that have acceptable BLB, but when i came back home i realize that mine is having color uniformity issue, warmer/yellowish on the left side darker/blue-ish on the right side and also had a bright/stuck pixel.. this is terrible QC from asus, Those 5 monitor i've tested is december 2018 batch... No improvement since the fisrt batch which is really bad, they seems didn't learn from mistakes. this is unacceptable since it's not a cheap monitor.

I've tried to tweak the osd settings but can only make it less noticeable. not dissappear. i think im gonna rma it again at the end of 2019.