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Troubles with PG279Q and considering upgrade

Level 7

For years now, my refurbished PG279Q does not detect my DP cable, which I have to wiggle to get signal. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes it takes up to an hour. Yes, I have tried different ports on the GPU and even different DP cables. The monitor works with HDMI, but it's only 60Hz and hurts my eyes.

I can get another similar monitor for $650, or I can get a used PG27UQ for just a bit more at $1000. My concern is that after I buy the UQ, new monitors will soon release, and I won't get 100+ fps with 4K gaming. Not to mention the supposed fan noise with the UQ.

I have a GeForce 1080 ti, Ryzen 3950x, and 32RAM. Mostly use the PC for video editing, but using it more for gaming while out of work this season.

What do you think about my options... get a comparable replacement monitor, or upgrade then wait for the next-gen monitors to drop in price?

A note, I love my monitor otherwise. No complaints. 4K would be nice though 🙂

Thanks for any advice!!

Level 7
I'd look elsewhere. Honestly, if you had a problem like this with their monitors, why would you turn around and buy another monitor from them? My issue with Asus monitors, is their terrible quality control and VERY spotty customer service/support. I didn't ever get my PG258Q issue resolved and (conveniently) the warranty period is up. I already started looking at other companies for a replacement. It really is too bad that Asus doesn't see what happens as a result of their poor quality control and customer support. In my case, I move to other companies. EDIT: Also, look at how dead these forums are and then look at competitor forums. That alone shows how much better the support is elsewhere.