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To buy PG278Q or not - help me decide

Level 10
Just want to type down my thoughts on whether to buy the PG278Q monitor or not (not considering the price or IPS/TN for now). I'd appreciate anyone's input to help with my decision

4K: If resolution was most important factor, I'd have to buy the ASUS PB287Q 4K Monitor TN monitor or any of the upcoming IPS 4K monitors like PB279Q. But 4K monitors currently have these disadvantages:

  • They cannot run refresh rates above 60hz (because the GPUs and the monitors today only support DP1.2)
  • Even GPUs like TitanZ struggle to hit 60fps on some games (source: 3 of the 6 games tested don't even come close to 60fps average). This is a half-full or half-empty thing, depending on how you look at it. We could render a game at 1080p or 1440p and upscale the image but there is then no point getting a 4K monitor.
  • Ofcourse, one could then argue that 4K is better for productivity but W8 and other software have scaling issues on 4K.

2K: So, I am compelled to sacrifice the 4K res (and drop down to 1440p) in order to have (1)higher refresh rates (2)native res my GPU can handle (3)not have to put up with W8 scaling issues. G-sync forms the cherry on top with the Asus PG287Q.

Since the 4K monitors mentioned and the Asus PG287Q are both around 800$, relative price debates are null. The only thing to debate then would be about panel-type but the need for 120hz refresh rate makes it necessary to go with TN as with the Asus PG287Q, since IPS panels do not go above 60hz.

These are the reasons why I've decided to go with this monitor. Are there other things I haven't considered such as color bits etc. of which I am not so knowledgeable?

The only monitor I've ever owned is this and it has served me well since sept 2011.

Level 10