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The Asus ROG Swift OLED PG34WCDM flickers in the lower area (PC), G-Sync is not active.

Level 7

Hello, I've had the monitor for 3 weeks now, and I've noticed that it flickers in certain situations, such as when I'm browsing Reddit and scrolling or when I'm gaming. It's worth noting that the flickering only occurs in the bottom area of the monitor, and G-Sync is turned off. Additionally, I've already replaced the DisplayPort/HDMI cable and performed a fresh installation of Windows 11. HDR is also disabled.

I have a 4090 from MSI and the rest of the system is up to date. The issue started occurring since I got the monitor


From second 15 onwards, you can see the flickering; in reality, it's much more pronounced.




Level 7

Today I received my new DisplayPort cable, but the issue still persists only in fullscreen, whether in-game or in the browser. VRR has been off the entire time; I believe it's a bug.