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The Actual State of PG27AQN

Level 7

Hi to all, sorry my bad english, i wrote a rant on reddit too.

I got this monitor and got black screen with full screen and 360 hz and one stuck red pixel in the MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN.

Now i have read so many complaints about asus QC and i fear to try luck with another.

Someone with this monitor got luck?

Anyway i find the asus warranty politicy a scam, how possible sell a monitor at 1300 euros in this state?


Level 7

up, someone here?

Level 11

i have the monitor for 5 months  i have the black screen when launching osme games  if yo ualt tab out t odesk top its comes on  meaning that 360 hz is to much so with out closing your game chnage  refresh rate to 240 or 144 from 360 hit apply then go bac kto 360 hz right away hit apply and your game should work 

i have treid a few display port cables thats what a few readit people solved there issue on 360 hz mode 

240hz doesnt do the black screen issue 

Rig # 1 - 14900Ks SP-118 | 87 MC @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR5 48GB @ 8,600 c36 | Strix RTX 4090 | PG27AQN 1440P 27" 360 Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

Rig # 2 - 14900K-SP-120 | 89 MC @ 5.9 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,300 c15 | Strix RTX 3080 | Aoc 1080P 25" 240 Hz G-Sync

thanks for the info mate, really.

I can solve that black screen at least with 240hz ecc.. like you said.

But what i can't tollerate is the dead pixel in the middle... i really can't understand how is possible sell and not help ppl that spend 1300 euros on a 27 inch monitor.

Level 9

I have bought three before I had one perfect, no issue for the moment, all is fine


edit : since almost 1 year, and ZERO ISSUE, ahaha, I have refunded two, with dead pixel, and I'm lucky now