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Status Update on the PG279Q Displays

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Wrong Model this is in regards to the PG279Q (sorry for confusion)

So I've been reading as much as I can about this monitor and I am seriously concerned about pulling the trigger on two of these.

Problem is a lot of what I read seems to be older posts about the blb and IPS glow (which having owned and worked with serveral IPS panels question that the IPS glow was even an issue to begin with and not just the bi-product of the technology) problem but I wonder what the current state of the monitors out there are. I have come across a couple posts here and there from Oct. and Nov. where the montiors the ppl received had issues but the dates on the monitors were from 2016.

Aside from this I have not seen anything from Asus or posts giving me any confidence that Asus seriously took action in fixing the back light bleed issue considering post of ppl having issues still followed after this post having bought monitors outside these serial numbers and far more current build dates.

I have been an Asus consumer for a long time and have been happy with their products. This is a serious concern though and before I spend $1400+ would just like something that would help me feel that Asus did not wash their hands of the problems and left consumers to an RMA/Lottery nightmare and feel there is nothing more they can do. Accepting the problem and fully content with it.

IPS Glow in the many pictures looked normal to me, but the blb is another story.

Appreciate any update from Asus or recent buyers of the monitor and their experience with the blb to help me make the decision.

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Thank you

Hmm so not sure how to take the no response.

Either this is no longer an issue or just no one who visits the forums has bought one as of late.

Man I hope this is no longer an issue.

I just bought one today from newegg. I will keep you posted when it comes in, and I have a chance to try it out.


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Thing is most of what you read applies to pretty much every IPS panel on the market. If you sit in a pitch black room, crank the brightness all the way up and pull up a black screen you will see the same thing on all of them. Just another internet ghost story that everyone else never saw or cared until they heard the story. Ive had one better than a year with no complaints but you know what? Ive never sat in a pitch black room and cranked the brightness all the way up on a black screen either. I judge it by actual use which is calibrated with a colormunki.

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As guy above said all Bleeding anic is bit over the top. It's an IPS of course it will bleed more or less but as far as you don't notice it playing or using it in general there is no point to stress out. Lower the contrast and brightness and u good.

As to the Asus QA than I have mixed feelings. I bought my monitor from Amazon on Friday and discovered dead pixel straight away. Otherwise my panel is great, bleeding is minimal and the pixel itself is tiny and actually hard to notice when gaming but it does annoy me when I browse internet or do some general stuff. Becouse of that I'm not sure about RMA couse there is possibility of me getting worse panel and I really wouldn't like that:)


I would really appreciate that and also could you let me know the build date on that monitor. That is another thing I'm interested in.

So I appreciate the feedback but I do want to clarify something. Some may disagree but as I said before, I have owed several IPS monitors as well as TVs and the monitors specifically have ranged from $200-$1400, various manufacturers. I mention this only because this is not my first go around with IPS displays of some sort and use them for everything from gaming to imaging/printing.

I think it's true this has kinda gotten attention that maybe was a little over the top and due to that made people become extremely sensitive to what they were seeing, but there obviously was a QA problem or at the very least low expectation of quality before rolling these out to consumers. I am not here to bash Asus because I know the put out good products and stand behind them.

As I said before, the IPS glow is normal there is no way around it and yes while some monitors exhibit this more than others, again it is due to the panel tech and unless your gaming off axis of the display, you never notice it.

However, I think people saying BLB is normal are ill informed. Sure if you get down to the nitty gritty there is some present in a lot of IPS monitors but enough to be visibly annoying is not normal. I have never experienced out of all my monitors/TVs what some ppl have reported. Granted a lot of the photos taken are terrible representations, there are videos of how extreme this blb is and in some cases so bad it changes the colors or blows out the black.

Also a lot of reports of dead pixels which in rare cases maybe, but seems to be a lot of consumers that have had this issue.

For a high end monitor, $800 MSRP, this is not the norm. TBH there are cheaper monitors that don't exhibit this. It just comes down to the design, manufacturing, and what acceptance of QC is in place before it is rolled out.

So that brings me here. There is/was a problem with these displays and that is unfortunate but, I am just trying to find out if the problem has been fully addressed by Asus. So that is why I am trying to get feedback from people who have bought it recently as in last 6-8 months or so and the build date of the panel. I don't want to pass judgement on Asus if they did fully address the situation because most, most, of what I read is from 2016.

As I said I think this monitor is a beast! I just want some type of reassurance that Asus not only identified the problem but actually has done something to fix it and gain consumer confidence again.

I just received the monitor today. The build date is May 2017. It has a little back light bleed at the edges, but its very minor. I compared it to another IPS panel I have, and it has light bleed in the corners as well. I'm happy with it so far, but I will really have a chance to test it next week when I'm able to finish my new pc build.

I am also looking into this monitors are those built and assembled past march 2017 any better? I am very sensitive to BLB and dead pixels, though I do not game in a totally dark room but there are times that I game with minimal ambient light. The difficulty of having a product exchanged in my country is quite high especially that their techs are totally clueless on what BLB is, returning the product for a refund is next to impossible. So I need to be fairly certain that Asus has improved quality control or should I skip this product ?

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Hello hello,
I cant tell you what to do,
I have had this monitor for about a year now, and am very happy with it.
I dont have much bleed, no dead pixels, I cant complain.