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So no 21:9 3D vision capable monitors?

Level 9
I'm currently looking at Alienware's AW3418DW and aside from the ridiculous $1250 pricetag ("on sale", including taxes and shipping) I don't want to give up 3D Vision (I just fired up Quantum Break last night for the community 3D Vision fix on my ROG Swift PG278Q and holy crap, 2D looks like garbage in comparison) nor risk getting a unit with poor white reproduction and bad IPS glow, not to mention the loss of response time (from 4ms to 13 or so) not to mention the possibility that the monitor might not actually do 120 Hz, only that it's guaranteed to do 100 Hz (many users have complained about this monitor not being able to hit 120 Hz).

So then, somehow, I came across Asus' PG27VQ, which is basically a curved PG278QR, which is basically a 165 Hz (vs "only" 144 Hz) PG278Q, which is what I currently own:

And I have to ask, why isn't there a 21:9 Ultra Wide version of this monitor? I mean, sure, the curvature may be nice at 16:9 but that curvature is really appreciated with an Ultra Wide display.

Any rumors that a curved 21:9 G-Sync and 3D Vision monitor is being made by someone?

Right now the alternative is to try to have a multi-monitor set-up with AW3418DW and then have to switch between the two in Nvidia Control Panel and with them both on Amazon Basics Adjustable Arms I would just swivel the one that I want to use directly in front of me, but this is a $1500 (including the arms, $100 each) proposition, and I don't know that I exactly want a multi-monitor set-up (that's a lot of screen).

I can't actually afford this, but there currently isn't a curved 3D Vision 21:9 monitor on the market.