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Significant Tearing and Ghosting - New XG279Q?

Level 7
Alright, hopefully someone can help me out on this thread because I am at a loss. Currently I am testing the XG279Q. The first monitor I got was a dud (terrible BLB). I got the replacement and the panel is MUCH better. No blb or dead pixels so basically perfect. However, I am having significant tearing and ghosting issues with this monitor - and the LG 27GL850-B - and I cannot figure out why. I tested them on Sniper Elite 4.

Computer Specs -

Board - ROG Maximus VIII

CPU - I7 6700 k

GPU - Geforce GTX 1080 Classified

Cooling - Kraken X62 and fans

Here are the three issues -

1. Tearing and ghosting - I called both ROG support (no help at all) and EVGA to try and get some help. EVGA support was super helpful and had me go through a host of trouble shooting. Turning G-Sync on and off, made sure monitor was at 144hz, FPS was good (average 110), etc. However, the problem persisted and both tearing and ghosting were visible to the naked eye flickering on and off when turning the character quickly around and going up against objects.Funny enough, when I unplugged the LG monitor and only used the ROG monitor, the tearing and ghosting was less prevalent and harder to see with the naked eye. (I could still see it when I recorded on my phone and scrubbed through the footage though.)

2. Compared to the LG 850-b, the XG279Q's picture quality is not as clear. I turned on some 4k videos and paused on the same time stamp for both monitors and the LG was noticeably more clear. Hard lines, for example the pedals of a flower, are fuzzy? on the ROG.

3. Every time I turn off the computer my monitor resets the RGB settings. I have to keep changing them every time to get rid of the weird yellow haze with this monitor.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? With my hardware I really do not think this should be an issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Level 7
I have this monitor as well and its the best monitor ive ever used. Ghosting and tearing shouldnt be experienced with this monitor at all, its one of the clearest monitors ive used.

But i have an idea of what might be going on cause this happened to me as well, not sure how it happened. I was suddenly experiencing tearing and i knew i had enabled G-Sync. But looking in the monitor OSD i could see ELMB-Sync had activated. This turns down the brightness alot as well and you will get pulsating effects in the image.

The best settings for this monitor, make sure G-Sync Compatible is enabled on the monitor itself, then make sure its enabled in nVIDIA 3D Settings. Then enable V-Sync in your global 3d settings (Vsync on should be forced when running g-sync) + set max framerate to 167 (3fps under your maximum refreshrate). Also make sure OD is on and set to 170hz in your monitor OSD and make sure Windows is running 170Hz as well. This should give you perfect image clarity and motion.

Also make sure youre using Displayport cable. If you have problems after all of this i would return it.