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Sigh...Another defective PG278Q's Gsync related it looks like

Level 7
I hate to jump on this, my monitor is a December batch...

I've loved it for about 8 months now.... and then...

first, there was this weird blurry/bold text thing... I thought I had done something wrong, but nope, uninstalled drivers, reinstalled. Nothing worked.

Then, a few days ago, the text came back to life after a brief flickering out of nowhere....


And then, I get this white flickering in the background now, sometimes it's just a band on the top of the monitor, sometimes it's the whole screen, sometime's there this rgb strip at the bottom...

So, I did a full driver uninstall in safe mode and booted the sucker back up... installed Nvidia drivers.... blurry text/flickering came back.... sigh...

Then, I disabled Gsync and enabled ULMB, seems to be running fine now....well, NOT the way it should be...for a GSYNC monitor...isn't that WHY I paid $300 EXTRA for this monitor, for this awesome Module to enable my GTX 980 to run wild on my system?

Obviously I am requested an Advanced RMA, but seriously... after reading through these threads, it's crazy that they are still using the same panels from the same company that everyone's complaining about. And then the successor, the 279Q is failing hard in the Quality Control department too:(

I mean, what's going on? If it's NOT the panel right...then it's the Gsync module that we are paying EXTRA for (compared to Freesync)

W...T...F... Asus ...

Do I have to go back to BenQ or try out Acer (which is suffering from the same problems, but to a lesser extent supposedly) ...

Level 13
Hi xcomvic,

So the monitor was working fine for first 8 months and recently started having the listed issues? The G-Sync issue could be caused by driver issue and not directly with the monitor itself. Since you have already requested for advanced RMA please do let us know if the replacement has resolved the issue for you.

If you require any further assistance please PM me anytime.


Level 7's not Gsync...I just restarted my PC and even now, the damn screen in flickering. making the text blurry, seems like it's just some full screen backlighting issue. Who knows, but it's doing it now under ULMB. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr