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Should I get the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q?

Level 7
I've been doing a research for quiet a while now, I am building a new pc with GTX970 and I am looking for a 1440p gaming monitor. Firstly I came across the PB278Q however many people said that it suffers from ghosting and it is 60hz so I wasn't really interested so then I came across the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q which looked like a great overall monitor but the reviews killed my hype. Are the problems really frequent amongst buyers?

Should I get it or just wait since there isn't any good 1440p gaming monitors out yet.

Flintstone-314 wrote:
Well, then all the best to you. I´m always baffled how you guys in the states seem to have supply issues with this monitor. Here in Europe that thing is available almost everywhere. A retailer close to me has 3 in stock since October - not a single one sold.

Just to clarify about availability in the US around October and November. When I checked in the US, there were 3rd party Amazon sellers, and EBAY listings that were asking on average between $1,150 and $1,400 for an item that had a MSRP listing of $900. Newegg, for some reason offered it at $800 (-100 off). I didn't check outside of the US. When I used NowinStock I set my preferences just to check US Amazon and US Newegg listings. I wanted to get the monitor at that Newegg discount, and so I had to wait a bit. I did want to order the monitor from an international location, for I imagined it might cost more or take longer to ship, plus the potential extra headache if I had to mail it back to that international location. Smaller items I'd do. But not a big monitor.

Yeah, that is strange. I don't know why there are supply issues here. I had thought about

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The $900 MSRP is strange. ASUS was consistent in saying the price for the monitor would be $800 from the earliest information that included price. I can only imagine they give the $900 MSRP so that stores and websites can list the $100 discount to make people feel better about buying it.

Level 9
I'm assuming $900 is the MSRP, based on seeing how it was priced on Newegg as

$899.99 (crossed out text)
Save: 11% (in red text)

I could be wrong about what the correct MSRP really is. But yes, I did feel better buying it for I'm saving 11%!

Level 7
From January 2014 Asus put up this info release about the Swift, look under Availability:

It says $799 USD. That has always been the price ASUS intended customers to be able to buy it at. If they ever told stores that the MSRP was $899, then it was to allow stores to remove that $100 in order to make it look more attractive (because you save 11% !!!). I don't think you will find any big retailer such as Amazon, Frys, Newegg, etc., selling it for more than $799, unless it's through a thrid party distributor.

Level 7
For the love of god, do not get this monitor or support ASUS.

Level 7
Hello people,

my rog arrived it was terrible. Had a dead pixel, I had blurry text at one point and there were scratches at right bottom corner, at front panel.

Amazon next day sent me a new one, so far there is no problems with this one. I must say you will be addicted to this machine and never go down to 60hz, and give up g-sync. I've never had such gaming experience.

I am happy so far now, but I tell you be prepared to disappointment in the beginning, and definitely choose a good dealer, that will help you with the machine.

I hope this will help 🙂 attached failure photos. Those scratches were not so bad like in photo btw, this is taken with a camera with flash.

Still does not change ****ty quality control asus has. Big disappointment. I hope this one I got will not have any problems.. lets say for 2 years.

I call asus, come to sense, a product such as this, MUST NOT have these issues! This is no way to grow business. Hire better people.
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Corsair Vengeance Pro Rot 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133 MHz III Rog Swift PG278Q

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Level 7
I was initially excited by all the gushing reviews for this monitor by every outlet around, but a little digging does uncover a flood of complaints. I don't accept that you have to gamble on an $800-$900 display and that you have to "hope" you get one that doesn't have image problems, degrade over time, or have dead or stuck pixels. I am not averse to spending a lot of money on quality displays. I've been gaming at 2560x1600 for over a decade on 30" Apple Cinema Displays -- paying $3,300 for the first one and then $1,700 for the second one five years ago.

Since this isn't an IPS panel, I'm not willing to pay that kind of money. But I'd much rather pay more than $800 or $900 for a monitor that I know will be great than spend just that amount for a gamble. People also have not had the monitor long enough to know that there won't be problems down the road, which many users seem to indicate are already occurring for them. I buy quality products and I expect them to last long enough that I get bored of them and buy something else long before they expire and can then hand them down to someone else to enjoy for a number of years, afterward.

Therefore, I plan on sticking with my 30" 2560x1600 Apple Cinema Display and its 14ms response time for my dual 970s. Maybe when the newly announced 4k 5ms gsync/ulmb 144hz panel comes out in six months, I'll consider it... (even though I have found 4k to be miserable for anything other than gaming -- and kind of not great for that, either).

I hate to say it. I wish I could get wrapped up in the hype.. but even if it arrived and had no dead/stuck pixels (I will not accept those - I will drive to someone's house and demand a cash refund in person before I'll just roll over and accept that as the cost of modern computing), I would not feel reassured. I would always be waiting for that morning when I will wake up and discovered that my display has lost clarity, started showing halos around text, turned fuzzy, stopped toggling refresh rate, or any other number of things.


Level 7
Just bought this monitor on NewEgg. Crossing fingers after all I read... If it comes ok it'll be the best monitor out there atm. If it comes dead it'll be my worst investment...

libremaster wrote:
Just bought this monitor on NewEgg. Crossing fingers after all I read... If it comes ok it'll be the best monitor out there atm. If it comes dead it'll be my worst investment...

ASUS has a 3 year warranty on your "investment". There are people on here that have posted their horror stories with getting their SWIFT fixed by ASUS. That is troubling to hear. And that really sucks. ASUS is one of the bigger companies that makes products for computers. I'd like to think that they will, eventually get their act together; with quality control, and being better at fixing their monitors that are or become broken.

I got my SWIFT online from Newegg back in November. It works great. I'm very happy with it. But if something goes wrong with it, well then I'll have to ship it somewhere to get it fixed. I suppose if I bought it at some local store, then I might have been able to pay more for an extended warranty. And then instead of shipping it to ASUS, I'd bring it to the store to fix the issue.

Level 7
I got this monitor two days ago. It arrived with no dead pixels and has been amazing so far. So far none of the quality control issues other people have mentioned.

I just noticed that retailers are starting to mildly discount the RoG Swift and it is up for about $50 less than the listed price. Just as a heads up to anyone else looking to get one.