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Should I get the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q?

Level 7
I've been doing a research for quiet a while now, I am building a new pc with GTX970 and I am looking for a 1440p gaming monitor. Firstly I came across the PB278Q however many people said that it suffers from ghosting and it is 60hz so I wasn't really interested so then I came across the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q which looked like a great overall monitor but the reviews killed my hype. Are the problems really frequent amongst buyers?

Should I get it or just wait since there isn't any good 1440p gaming monitors out yet.

Caporale wrote:
The 28" Acer G-sync monitor is better. It doesn't seem to have any of the quality control problems that the ROG Swift has. The 4K for 144hz tradeoff is a decent one, too.

I disagree. I tried out the Acer XB280HK and its TN panel had terribly washed-out colors and low brightness. Also it flickers at 30Hz or below which can be annoying on loading screens. My system is pretty awesome, yet I had to back down the settings tremendously in BF4 in order to maintain 30-60 FPS. Today's CPUs and video cards can't push 4K effectively enough.

Level 10
Have had mine since late August. Gsync + 144Hz @ 2560x1440 is awesome - Previous to purchasing the Swift I was considering purchasing another 780Ti to run SLI. However after purchasing the Swift, Gsync combined with 144Hz refresh has taken my gaming experience to another level which has negated my need for a 2nd 780Ti.

Until you try it you don't know what you are missing when gaming with this monitor.

I would never go back to running without Gsync now - The experience is so dramatic - chalk & cheese, really.

Level 7
I agree, this is a really excellent monitor... if its working properly. Whether my experience with a faulty monitor was an exception or not I don't have the data to say.

Level 9
I got mine the middle of November. It's been working great. When trying out those test images referenced on these forums, it does produce weird results. But when playing games it works great.

The g-sync and high frame rate seems to help greatly with the games immersion. By what I mean, is how smooth things can move on screen. It sort of reminds me of going on Star Tours at Disneyland, and just getting absorbed and believing the fantasy that you are watching on your screen is real. I mean, you know it's fake, but ... it's really fun.

Hi guys,
I have recently got myself a new custom built PC and was looking to buy the asus swift pg278q monitor to go with it instead of using my 1080p TV.I was told that my GPU (GTX 980 SRIX) wouldn't be able to run games on full settings @ 1440p and that I should buy another GPU.
My mobo is a GENE and looking at it,there doesn't seem to be any room to fit another GPU anyway,even if I could afford it right now and I don't really want to buy a new mobo and GPU just to play in 1440p considering my PC is only about 5 weeks old as it is.
My question is:Am I being misinformed about needing 2 GPU's and if I do,is it worth still buying a 1440p monitor,and,would running it at 120 hz be an option?
Bit confused as to what to do so thought I'd ask you guys here
Thanks for any help you can give me on this,Craig

Your GTX 980 Strix will do just fine for 1 Swift! Get it and don't look back twice. Especially if you game FPS games like COD series, BF4, or anything that requires a high refresh, the Swift is swift 😉

Level 11
Great post mdzcpa, All I can say to the op is I'm definitely going to be getting one..
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Level 10
I say go for it:D perhaps another 970 for sli as well? i notice a difference with running the panel with 1 GTX780 compared to two cards in sli especially in BF4, what game do you like to play?
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zimzoid wrote:
I say go for it:D perhaps another 970 for sli as well? i notice a difference with running the panel with 1 GTX780 compared to two cards in sli especially in BF4, what game do you like to play?

I am going to go all out tbh. GTA V, All upcoming battlefields, Assassins creed, skyrim and alot of upcoming mmorpgs.

Level 7
Good luck getting a working one. Be sure to buy that thing at a place that can handle RMA for you (amazon maybe). If it works, its perfect, if it fails you will visit your personal nightmare with weeks and month without any help from Asus and an RMA experience that will make you wish you never thought about buying that thing.
I had 4 fail on me and am still waiting for a replacement (2nd month now). So far I have not seen a working unit (long time working that is)...
I would consider the Acer 4k aswell, that seems to have less isuess, is cheaper and offers a better resolution. You trade the 144hz for 4k so that trade might be worth it, especially as Gsync is made for 60hz Monitors and not 144hz - so the experience should be comparable.