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Screen flicker?

Level 7
Need help/advice before i send parts away to be looked at. My main monitor has a flicker type scenario happening when i play games. the top say 3/4 to an inch of the screen flickers darker then back to normal rapidly. I have changed Display port cables and its the same. Games I've tested in on are Destiny 2 and aoe2.

-it only happens after a short while of the game being run and only while a game is being played.
-it goes from 1 inch to 5 or so mm when dropped from 100hz down to 60hz (lower refresh rate the smaller area affected).
-pretty sure it goes away if i have a video playing on my 2nd monitor whilst playing a game.

Monitor - ASUS ROG PG348Q UWQHD 100Hz G-Sync IPS Curved 34in Monitor @ 100hz its deemed overclocked.
GPU - ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC 11GB - Has a different overclock to standard.

Any help would be appreciated greatly as I am hesitant to send it away in case of damage etc, plus since having a video playing on the 2nd monitor stopping the flickering has really thrown me!