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ROG SWIFT Repair - Fixed Issue But Scratched My Screen

Level 7
Hey, looking for advice here.

So.. I had to send my ROG back a second time to get fixed, because the first RMA they replaced the mainboard and sent it back, and clearly didn't test if it fixed the issue.

I then sent it back again and harassed them to replace the power supply, which I knew was the problem. After a month they got the new power supply.

I got my SWIFT back and there is a large scratch the whole way along the back plastic, the bottom of it is dinged in the metal bit, and the screen has a small permanent scratch that ASUS repair CAUSED

What do I do here? I'm sick of sending it back and not having the product I bought, I just want a working monitor.

If I get a new one (IF they give me a new one, will they?), what if it has the same issues and I have to send it back several times to fix it, what if there's dead pixels.

Level 7
Try again. If you get another dud back ask for a full refund. Matter of fact, you should tell them this is what you intend to do when you're requesting your next RMA.