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ROG Swift PG32UQXR - screen damage.

Level 7

I have just received my second monitor after replacing the first. Both monitors have slight scuff marks under where the foil sticker was placed in the top right corner. The one that lists the specs.

Why do the manufacturers insist on putting this foil on the screen? I think these small marks will be on them all. They don't stand out massively, but when I buy a new monitor, I always gently clean the screen with the aid of a torch. That's when I spotted the scuffs. Both monitor screens were pristine, apart from these scuff marks caused by the foil.

You could say, I'm being fussy over something you can't see in normal use. I paid £1,500 for this monitor, and it should be perfect, and not damaged by the very people who manufactured it.

I'm definitely returning my second. Whether I buy a third I don't know. Perhaps I should go through their entire stock to teach Asus a lesson.

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