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ROG SWIFT PG279QM won't sleep when PC is powered off (also rant about QC)

Level 7
Just got a new ROG SWIFT PG279QM.

My question: HOW can I make the monitor go to deep sleep when I turn off the PC? It seems to keep the backlight on and the power LED of the monitor is blinking orange. That's really annoying and I have to turn off the screen manually every time I shut down the PC. Can I make it so it sleeps when PC is off?

Now, some ranting about ASUS QC. Maybe this is a problem for Bulgaria, I definitely feel like ASUS is sending us the worst units, or units that have been returned from customers in other countries.

I gotta say, I'm really disappointed in ASUS. My previous monitor (PG248Q) came with a yellow tint at the top left side of the screen. Since a friend got it for me through his discount, I didn't want to bother him with returning it and it was the last unit so I kept it and it wasn't too noticeable unless you put a bright background. It didn't cost me too much because of that discount but still it was faulty and legitimately qualified for replacement.

When I got the PG279QM three days ago, it came with a purple tint, this time in the lower left corner and visible under gray < > dark gray background. So basically, visible in all games with darker colors and virtually every single website that has dark mode. It was like 20% of the screen was purple-ish. Horrible quality control for such an expensive monitor. There was no way I would be OK with keeping this defective screen. Gladly, the store I got it from replaced it (on their own accord because ASUS central in my country said they "wouldn't accept this as an issue"?! What the hell, I would have went to court about this if I needed to and I would spend as much time as needed to fight this bs). The replacement has three dead/stuck pixels, physical damage on the external part of the frame like it was hit with something (I did not notice that at all when accepting the monitor but it's minor) and a bit of backlight bleed, but nothing too noticeable so I kept it. Oh, the first unit also had a broken back panel that goes over the cables. They of course said I broke it, but I didn't even use it... I let that go and told them to give me the broken cover with the replacement screen because I don't care about that, I just want the screen to be good. Replacement was definitely WAY better than the previous one with the ridiculous tint, despite the dead pixels and the small physical damage. One thing is sure, this is my last ASUS monitor after 3 times of getting defective and problematic units. I expected a lot more from this one as reviewers praise it as the best or one of the best 1440p monitors you could get. But nobody mentions the horrible ASUS quality control, of course.

It almost feels like ASUS is just sending the worst units that got damaged during production, or returned by other people, to "lower level" countries like Bulgaria. In any case, at least my ASUS motherboard seems to be doing good so far. Fingers crossed on that one. But I'm never buying another ASUS monitor again.

If you do decide to take up an RMA with ASUS and they still refuse to help you can follow up here in the Service Inquries section. BUT you must try and open an RMA first. That section is only for escalation of an existing RMA.
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