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ROG Swift PG278Q pulsing on start/distorted text on right side [FIXED]

Level 7
TL;DR change your resolution from the nVidia Control Panel to 1920x1080x144hz, then change it back to 2560x1440x144hz.

I began to notice a faint pulse on the panel when I first booted up the computer. It looked similar to a heart-beat throb in your eye after rigorous exercise. Gradually over a period of minutes, it would fade away and the panel would behave normally. Then I started to notice that moving a window to the right side of the screen made the text appear blurry, like sharp text wasn't enabled, but the left side appeared sharp, as expected.

I tried:
1. upgrading the nVidia driver to the latest
2. changing GPU ports
3. changing the Display Port cable
4. using a different computer
5. resetting the display to default configuration
6. setting the frequency from 144hz to 60hz.

Finally, the issue was corrected when I changed the resolution from 2560x1440x144hz to 1920x1080x60hz, then back, as I stated in the beginning.
I was able to shutdown and reboot the computer and toggle the panel off and on and the fix persisted. I will report back should the fix fail over time however I believe the issue was related to a stuck chip controlling a capacitor that drove the right side of the panel (complete speculation).