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ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM G-Sync Fault

Level 9

There is an issue with this monitor with flickering and blanking when G-sync is enabled causing the safety measures to kick in to prevent damage.

I believe that is why the screen is not Validated by NVIDIA yet as this screen cannot pass the tests.

G-Sync Blanking it's a safety measure to prevent damage to the screen. It is a common sign of limited VRR support when the screen is flickering and blanking.

I saw a video on this when linus visits the NVIDIA G-sync Lab if you watch from this timestamp he pretty much explains the safety measure built into these screens.

I think this is why NVIDIA has not yet Validated the Asus ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM as G-sync Compatible.

There is a problem with all of these OLED monitors as the hardware has a fault but the manufactures dont seem to be fixing the issue and keep releasing more OLED screens with the same fault.

This is the official G-SYNC List and the Asus ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM and it is still awaiting a Future driver but I cannot see how it can get the pass when the screen is flickering and blanking

On the specs section for the PG27AQDM it has Certificate - "G-Sync Compatible" ?

Not validated by Nvidia

It also has a Certificate for being - "Tuv Flicker Free" ?

The screen flickers when Gysnc is enabled

Is Asus going to do anything about this ?




Level 7

I can confirm your post. I have this exact monitor and even on the Nvidia controlpanel/G-Sync page it says "Display is NOT confirmed G-Sync compatible".

Playing games like Battlefield and World of Warcraft with G-Sync enabled on this monitor is giving nerve wrecking screen flickering, as you describe. Disabling G-Sync fixes the problem completely, but also all the advantadges of G-Sync are gone... screen tearing etc.

Word from ASUS on this please. Monitor is advertised as G-Sync compatible, even has the little sticker on the foot, lol.

So I just bought this monitor and am seeing the same thing.  It is advertised as gaync compatible.  ASUS please respond or it's going back. 

Level 7

I have this screen now and I've noticed the flickering (I thought my panel was defect or something, brightness seemed to just jump all over the place) with G-sync on in World of Warcraft specifically.  

How is it listed as G-sync compatible when it's not? The flickering is annoying enough for me to consider refunding it.

Level 7

Have you tried to deactivate "uniform brightness" ??

The monitor auto adjust brightness in some scenes on games, even in the desktop idle for preventing the burn-in.

The Flicker issue has nothing to do with Uniform brightness Mode as it happens no matter its on/off.

brightness in Uniform Mode is lackluster anyway on this monitor and cant be really used in Games.

I returned my monitor since asus decided to sit this one out.

Yea, as mentioned by others. The uniform brightness is irrelevant. If the monitor is running at 240hz aka you're capping out the FPS in the game, it's fine. 

But as soon as you start dropping FPS to half (120-160) in some games, the monitor is fluent like expected from a G-sync monitor but it's brightness is flickering and it's maddening.