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Rog Strix XG279Q is it AMD Freesync Compatible????

Level 7
Hello Gamers,

Is someone running a AMD GPU on this monitor to confirm me that it supports Freesync?
after countless searches and contacts with Asus there is still no clear answer.
some say yes it supports it others say no only G-Sync.
so i put my question out here so maybe someone nows a clear answer out off experience.

thanks for answering.

Level 7
I guess nobody here is running a AMD card on this screen.

Level 40

Yes, compatible with both (FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible) :

The base refresh rate is 144Hz, but by engaging overclock in the OSD, speeds of up to 170Hz are possible. The adaptive sync range is 40-170Hz and both AMD and Nvidia technologies are supported for SDR and HDR signals. Asus prints the G-Sync logo on the box and the XG279Q is indeed certified by Nvidia as G-Sync compatible. Oddly, it does not appear on AMD's list and Asus makes no mention of FreeSync in their marketing. But our tests confirm that it is FreeSync compatible over both DisplayPort and HDMI.

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