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ROG PG43UQ Calibration.

Level 7
I just received my monitor and was wondering if all the picture presets are factory calibrated. Also which preset is the most accurate for SDR and HDR?

Finally Is It okay to lower the brightness since the picture presets are very bright without effecting the calibration settings?

Level 7
So I just took out my meter to check how accurate the colors are on this monitor, and this is what I found:

Default Cinema Mode with Warm Color Temp:

Default Cinema Mode Gray Scale:

Edit: Default SRGB Mode Is Calibrated:

Calibrated Cinema Mode with iProfiler Software from X-rite using ICC profile:

Grayscale After Calibration:

Edit:TL;DR You can clearly see that not all SDR picture modes are calibrated and colors are all over the place. Not sure about HDR though as It's mentioned on the monitors website "To ensure color Accuracy, each ROG Swift PG43UQ is factory pre-calibrated and comes with a factory calibration report."

It Is mentioned on the Color Calibration Testing Report that the SRGB Picture Mode Is Pre-Calibrated with wide color gamut. Judging by the report only HDR mode Is calibrated and not all SDR picture modes (Only SRGB). Hopefully someone will chime In and clear things up.