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ROG PG35VQ display issue

Level 9

Hi , 

So after roughly 4 years of use gaming and office work , my monitor developed an issue . As you can see in the attached images the lower right quarter of the display is dimmed out .  Any experts here can suggest what could be the issue?   I can see images in the full display but the lower right quarter of the display is dimmed out . 

There is no physical damage to the display .  The issue happened all of a sudden while i was working . Just to be sure I disconnected the display from my PC and connected it to a laptop and the issue still persists.

Do you think it could be a backlight issue  or the panel is damaged ?   If the panel is damaged will there be image at all on the screen ?  any experts  can you pls shed light on this ? 



Level 9

After toggling variable light refresh off and on . I see there is an improvement now . The image in the affected part is more brighter (though not fully fixed)  when compared to earlier.  What can be the issue ?  Messed up firmware ? or backlight in the affected area  ?   Is there any way to reflash the firmware and see if the issue gets fixed ? 



The same happened to my PG35VQ just yesterday, although its only happened to one zone in the top left corner.  I think its the local dimming panel for that area that has died or is dying as its pretty dim there now. I'm wondering if Asus still have the parts to be able to fix this seeing as though the model is now 6-ish years old.


I am in india. The local asus tech team here said the only repair option is to replace the entire lcd panel itself. I asked them if the panel is available and what would be the estimated costs. After searching for about a week they said panel for this monitor is not available anywhere and hence they cant give an estimate for the eta and costs. 

I had no option to buy a new one and I went with a pg42uq oled.

The pg35vq I have requested my contacts in asus to procure a panel if possible so that I don't have to scrap  it as e-waste. It's a good monitor and can definitely find a 2nd innings if the panel gets replaced. So for now it's packed in it's box and awaiting to see what it's future  holds. 😂

Did u reach out to your local asus tech support and what was their response about the issue and repairs?  Can u please share a photo of your monitor with the issue if you don't mind.? 

I'm in Thailand. I haven't had the chance to take it to Asus yet but, I have a feeling that they will say the same thing. It's a shame because it's still an awesome monitor.

See the image attached.