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Random black screen issue for a few seconds - Dual screen

Level 7
Hello, I have a problem with my screens and only in games. First of all I explain you the context: I have a new configuration based on 12900k, 3090, and 32gb of ram, under Windows 11, with updated drivers. I use 2 monitors, an Asus XG27UQR (4k, 144hz) and an XG27AQM (1440p, 240hz). Via the Nvidia panel they are respectively in 4K 144hz 10 bits and RVB full range, while the other is in 1440p, 240hz, 10 Bits RVB full range. When I play for example on one of the two screens, either one or the other will go into black screen, for 2/3s, it will flash, until I close the game. Both screens are G-sync compatible and certified, it's well enabled, both on the Nvidia panel and in the monitor. The cables are the ones supplied with the displays.