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"secret" Status section within the OSD on the PG27AQDM

Level 8

Came across a post on the www stating that there's a secret overview in the OSD when pressing the 3 buttons on the monitor for a few seconds. 
Entering the OSD afterwards, shows the letter F on the upper left corner. Entering it will show an information tab with lots of technical information. There seem to be a few Stats that might come in handy like total hours running, time past since last pixel clean, power cycles. 
Anyone else found this / played around with it? 
I've found out the if the monitor's turned off, regarding these stats, it won't run a pixel clean. But if it's left in standby it'll run the pixel clean. This would imply the opposite to be true of what's told. 


Level 8

I'm not able to access this menu. I tried holding the 3 buttons for various amount of times, but nothing. Can you write more specific step-by-step guide please?
I'm on latest FW MCM105.

Well… I press all 3 at the same time for about 5s or so. Nothing happens at the this time. As soon as you enter the OSD afterwards it should show up. Sometimes I do have to do it multiple times until it shows up.

Yeah, I cannot seem to activate it.
I press all 3 buttons for ~5s, nothing happens on screen, after that I enter the OSD there is no 'F' there. I tried it several times.
Are you on the latest firmware too?

Level 8

Well don't know.. just now it's there 🙂
From the 104 fw to 105 fw the total hours is gone however.




Screenshot 2024-01-14 161640.pngScreenshot 2024-01-14 161456.png



I just tried it a few more times and managed to activate it, but it's really inconsistent.
Thanks for the help though!

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Lakkery @superwusel ,

after careful confirmation, we have found that you are currently in the factory mode page. 
Typically, users do not need to access this page. 
Please be aware of this and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Why don't you guys provide certain informations like "total hours running" / "hours since last pixel clean" somewhere in the OSD. In the end it's a product targeted at "gamers" / "technerds" which would probably like this kind of information.
And these information are obviously available but not prepared for users.
Or could you provide information regarding the different OLED Terms provided there?