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Pros and Cons of the Swift PG279Q vs Acer

Level 7
I've purchased the PG279Q as well as the Acer monitors below, and unfortunately, IPS is just not where it needs to be, at least not for a hardcore gamer which ROG (Republic of Gamers is intended).

Asus PG279Q -
+ Great build quality
+ OSD functions are amazing
+ OSD controls are amazing
+ Gsync overclock works as intended and flawless
+ Monitor does not seem to experience software issues
+ Very reliable product in terms of functions (no glitches while playing games)
+ Product looks amazing (great for marketing as well)

- Very expensive (Gsync license does not cost $600 like they have us believe)
- Red LED ring and logo is useless and increases the monitor cost by $100 (Should be red plastic only, no LED as this is useless)
- LED lights turned off as this was an annoying feature (This was confirmed by almost all customers who purchased the product, as did I because it is annoying to have a red light shine in your POV)
- Large amount of ghosting and low pixel response times
- White was grey in color
- Screen cover was cheap and terrible
- Anti glare was too agressive (Most people want a 50/50 with slight gloss as this increases image quality)
- Quality control was terrible when it came to the panel itself
- Large amount of IPS glow (More than what is acceptable)
- Large amount of BLB (Backlight bleed should not be present and is only subject to poor build quality or quality control)
- Tech support was not aware of the issues, have never used or seen the product they are supporting, does not know how to answer any technical questions. Told me I had to send an email to the complaint email to the complaint office which I have still not received an email reply for.
- Asus technical support was lacking in "technical" skills
- Asus needs to stop making people pay more for their product to cover production costs and ripping people off (Asus and Acer use the same panel, why does the XB271HU function better than the PG279Q)
- Asus is making the same mistakes as they did with the Ares II graphics card (looks > function)


Acer X34/XB271HU Positives/Negative -
+ Lower cost
+ Fast Pixel response time
+ Nearly no Ghosting
+ Screen cover/Anti-glare is a 50/50 which does not affect the picture color and quality
+ White on the monitor looks white
+ Little to no IPS glow or BLB
+ Technical support was well aware of the issues with their product

- Quality control issues
- Reports of X34 blue banding
- Reports of X34 cannot reach 100hz
- OSD firmware issues with the monitors
- Manufacturer does not allow customer to update Firmware from a USB (They are idiots as this should be a normal feature)
- Hardware issues which require an RMA to be repaired
- RMA product is replaced by a refurbished product which was used by someone else
- OSD is terrible on the X34
- Buttons for the OSD controls are terrible (Thanks to Asus and their patent)
- Terrible build quality (Feels like cheap flimsy plastic)


All I can say is this, if Asus wants to create an ROG gaming Monitor, they better do the following -
1) Use the same screencover as Acer
2) Use a 1ms panel (Don't get on the IPS bandwagon until you can hit that goal)
3) Purchase your panels from a more reliable company such as LG or Samsung, we dont want AU Optronics or some cheap panel
4) Have 100 gamers play games on your monitors in a dark room for a while, fix the issues they find
5) Use better quality control solutions (High end companies do quality control in a dark room)
6) Gamers do not use 4ms panels, we use 1ms panels
7) If you cannot do the above, use a VA panel as it is an upgrade from a TN panel

Level 7
The PG279Q has been a disaster for Asus. There is no reason to be purchasing a PG279Q over an Acer X34/XB271HU at this point.

I'm surprised there is no word from ASUS regarding this so called "premium" ROG monitor. Surely they must have someone reading this forum. Silence is deafening ASUS!!! :confused:
I was really looking forward in getting this monitor......:mad:

Level 7
I agree,

Acer seems to reply to their customers, Yet Asus does not?

So I'm posting and replying to as many forums as possible until they respond.