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Level 7
Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help.
With my setup I have my work laptop on HDMI and my home PC on Display-Port.

All worked fine when I changed between the 2 inputs during the day. My PC at the time had a Asus Strix 1080Ti in.
So I changed the card to a MSI Gaming X 1070 and now if i change from my work laptop(HDMI) to Display Port, the screen stays blank.

I can hear the pc is still running, ie. with Spotify still playing, or if I press a button like the backspace in Word, I can hear the error.

So for now, I need to reset the PC each time i want to have the picture back while going from HDMI to Display Port.

Help!! 🙂


Level 9

I have the same monitor. Use my display port for my PC. Use the HDMI for my PS4. I have something similar. Occasionally I will sometimes not get a signal from the device I'm not using. Like if I'm using the PS4 for a hour, then switch to my PC, it will act like it's not getting a signal. Until I move the mouse, or use the keybaord, then it will start getting a signal. Or if I'm using the PC for 15+ minutes, then switch to the PS4 it won't have a signal for the PS4 went to sleep mode. And I have to use it to get out of sleep mode.

There may have been a few times, over the year or two I've had both devices sharing the monitor, that I'd get impatient and restart the PC, and then all is fine. But it restarts and boots up to login screen very fast. Maybe 10 seconds.

I think for me, in both cases, one of the devices goes into sleep/hibernate mode, and stops sending a video signal out to the monitor.

Have you tried adjusting your PC's settings with screen saver, and sleep, or standby modes?

Level 7
Hi Volt, thank you for the reply.

Yes, I made sure that the PC does nothing after x minutes. The sleep/hibernate function is switched off. I used the monitor like this for +- a year without 1 issue. Exactly like you say, move the mouse and it works again.

But now that I've changed GPUs it just not want to come one. I leave my PC on over night (just switch the screen off) and if i return the next morning the same thing happens. The screen will not come on to show a picture, I need to reset te PC.

Very strange and very annoying. I am actually planning to redo Windows just to see if that might not cause an issue...also want to get another Display-Port cable to test...

PS. When you play on the PS4, does it have black sections on the side, or does it work on a widescreen?

A couple other things to try or consider;

1 - Latest video card drivers
2 - Contacting Tech support
3 - Trying a different PCI slot for your GPU.
4 - Reinstalling Windows can fix weird and strange issues. And it can be helpful for forcing Windows to revert back to all it's default settings.

When using the PS4 on this monitor, it has black bars on the sides. I think I have my PS4 set to AUTO for video output, or to 1080P video output. I did experiment with connecting my other PS4PRO, to see if maybe if could force a 4K output. Didn't work. Still the same as the PS4 with a 1080P video output. It's possible to set the PS4 to do a 720p output. I was seeing if I could enhance FPS in multiplayer games, by going 720p. It does give it a weird surreal look, with the pixels being noticably bigger. But it's not a pretty image.

I use the PS4 with this monitor on my computer desk when I want to use a XIM4 for K+M. It does seem like overkill to use that monitor for the PS4. Otherwise it's nicer to use the PS4Pro on my big screen TV while sitting on the couch.