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Please Help with Asus pg32uqr

Level 7

Hello, I recently bought a Asus pg32uqr, wonder if the firmware updates of the pg32uq work on it too since I couldnt find any updates for the pg32uqr.

Thanks a lot!



As a general rule of thumb, firmware updates are designed for specific models and not designed to work with other models.

Is there a reason you're looking for a firmware update on your PG32UQR?

Thanks for the reply.

Im having difficulties configuring my PG32UQR gamma level, 1.8 is too washed out, 2.2 is good but for some reason crashes black in darker shades, makes everything looks a bit over contrasted (even with a lower contrast level)... and 2.8 is ununsable (too dark and crushed blacks)... My hope was that a new firmware would fix the crushed blacks in 2.2 gamma. 

BTW im using the monitor solo for Xbox Series X, so I cant really config it like if I was using a PC... Any ideas (Already tried everthing that the OSD let us mess with, but the only setting that could make a difference (shadow boost) crash colors shades....