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PG48UQ firmware v29 horrible HDR

Level 9

Title says it all really. I saw earlier today that there was a new firmware available for the PG48UQ addressing supposed HDR issues, but upon updating the HDR now looks worse than ever. I was unaware of any HDR issues with the existing firmware, only the problems with screen flickering, sometimes it won't wake from sleep and brightness flickering when g-sync is enabled. Now HDR content is completely washed out, dark areas are too bright, the screen turns grey when an all black screen is displayed, shades of blue are now grey, and everything is just completely wrong. Anyone else want to weigh in?


Level 8

Did you reset your Windows color profile and run HDR calibration tool again?

Level 8

I tested V29 and had the same HDR weird render issue. Grey level and colors are messed up, even with calibration tools.

I reverted to V28 which is also bugged, but I can at least correct with HDR calibration tool and digital vibrance in Nvidia panel