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PG48UQ Black screen and HDR issues

Level 9

Having some issues with my PG48UQ and wanted to see if it was isolated or not. Have seen a few threads on the 42, but less on the 48.

Issue 1 - Screen goes black without any message, just black. Doesn't drop input, just black and unresponsive for minutes at a time. Eventually you can use the remote to cycle it off and back on after a few mins. Is this a forced pixel refresh or something, even though it says nothing?

Issue 2 - Turning HDR on in windows looks washed out and awful. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not but colours just seem brown? I noticed that RT'ings review of the 42 mentioned something similar.

Running Firmware V025 so there isn't really anything I can update to.

People have any ideas or is this just a matter of wait for a Firmware that might fix it? Seems disingenuous to sell something as HDR when it doesn't work.


Level 9

Plus one here too folks, it seems to have fixed it. Been 2 days of testing without a forced refreshed, FINALLY.

Look at that, they fixed a problem that they never acknowledged. 

Level 8

update to the newest firmware 26 fixed the HDR issue and it seems 28 fixed the black screen problem. most everyone has been having. 

Level 8

Same for me as well V28. Woop woop.

Level 9

Also chipping in, seems fixed with the latest F-update

Windows 11 | Rog Maximus Z690 Hero | i9-14900K | Corsair Vengeance DDR5 4800mhz 64GB | MSI 4090 SUPRIM X | Apollo x16 | Quantum 2626 | ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG48UQ | H150i RGB Pro XT | AX1200i | Dark Core Pro SE | K100 RGB

Level 7

Forced unwakeable pixel cleaning issue resolved for my PG48UQ after firmware V028.

Level 7

i'm still having blackscreen issue =(
PG48UQ, V28 firmware with nvidia 4090 latest driver.

Level 10

I am having this same issue. I just built a new PC, here are the specs below. I just installed the monitor and I'm getting it drop to black screen every few min, anywhere from a few seconds to a few min so far. I can't believe I spent $1500 on a monitor and it's dropping out like this, insane... did you ever fix your issue? please tell me you did sending this back to newegg would be the pain in the ass of the century.

z790-h motherboard

13600k cpu

4080 16gb MSI video card

2tb solidigm m.2 drive

32gb DDR5 7200 ram

various other HD's

Have you got any other cables you can try? I have found that my 2 screens are super picky about the cables in use, including black drop outs and issues with refresh rate. I'd say try that 1st, and then look at returns. Sounds super painful in the US to return something which is broken, sucks 😞

Level 8

I have just bought it and have the same black screen drop-out problem. With HDMI 2.1 after a few hours of usage, it does happen, unfortunately. I have the V028 firmware. Right now I am trying with DP cable. I have tried with 48gbps Hdmi 2.1 cables but none of them worked for me. 

and I have seen something strange. When I use HDMI 2.1 and look at the info from the OSD it says 8bit with HDR but when I use DP cable it says 10bit.

Had some weirdness with 10 bit and 8 bit between DP and HDMI on my second screen (PG42UQ) where I could only get 10 bit to work on DP cables. Still haven't had the forced black screen since the current firmwares though. Have you tried turning it off with the remote at night when not using it and seeing if it does it the next day?
Screenshot 2023-08-12 192505.jpg