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PG43UQ Save profiles with Blue light filter level set

Level 11

Anyone managed to find a way to Save profiles with set Blue light filter levels either via the monitor or the Display widget app?

I'd like the ability to tweak each of the scenary, Racing, FPS, User modes so they have a Bluelight level saved to them. Right now If I turn on any Blue light level if switches to racing mode and it won't save it. Getting rather tedious toggling Blue light filter on, any level, and it switches to Racing.

Is there anyway I can overwrite the profiles with configurations I want to use. And force it to stop switching profiles when I set a blue light level? My previous 2 displays never had the Blue light filter linked to any profiles. Meaning I could I adjust the levels independently.

I never bothered with the widget as it likes to bug out on me and I can't load the app by using the notification icon n taskbar. I can't even right click to close it so I can reload it. I need to end task in task manager and reload it. Little annoying but I'd put up with that if I could save profiles with Blue light filter levels set. Currently stuck usings windows night light. Which never showes the current setting of the bar so I'm having to remember where it was before or just start over from scratch anytime I switch task and want to adjust it.

Anyone got any suggestions?