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PG43UQ Black Screen In Games

Level 9
I’m having an issue with the PG43UQ black screen in games for a few seconds every now & then, tried every setting available, tried clean install drivers, also wont show post screen with CSM disabled had to enable CSM in bios to get post screen otherwise it skips it & goes straight to Windows login screen, anybody got any ideas*

Level 12
Try another suitable HDMI / Dport cable.
Get DDU and safemode uninstall and reinstall the graphics drivers.

Level 9
I’ve done exactly that all ready a couple of times still same, sometimes it black screens every couple of minutes & sometimes does not do it for an hour ? Updated bios / deleted GForce experience / reinstalled nvidia panel updated every driver that I could think of*

Level 7
Darren Stevens;
I am suspecting that EFi partition is not created in boot drive in first on boot disk.
So that's why getting below

** CSM in bios to get post screen otherwise it skips it & goes straight to Windows login screen**

Go to safemode, then check the system information, paste the screenshot.
Black screen appears if the display device driver is corrupted.
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754

Level 9
Thanks, but it has worked perfectly for 18 months with my PG348Q monitor, all this started 2 days ago when i plugged the PG43UQ in.

Could not hurt to see/check if windows isn't helping the problem...

run as admin [powershell] (type into search bar, when you see it pop up, right click on it and run as admin)
sfc /scannnow
wait till complete
now run (still in powershell)
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
wait till complete

if either found and fix integrity errors or corruptions, reboot and then repeat both steps again. If you get caught in loop than can try system reset (3 times or more) and if cant do that then might be time to consider a fresh install of windows 10.

Level 9
Thanks, went for the fresh install of OS (over due anyway) still black screen at random in games, tried pretty much turning all of the settings off & on, had HDR on & off ended up turning off adaptive sync G-sync on the display & it seemed to b ok, turned it back on again & black screen again, still testing fingers crossed.

Same here, Darren. I’ve mitigated the issue a bit by turning the display off at night, setting HDR max brightness to HDR600, and then never using HDR, but this is clearly going to need an RMA.*

This is a show stopping issue, and no big reviewer has even mentioned it. I think this is only happening to some of the PG43UQ, not all, and probably not even most of them.