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PG42UQ Broken 138khz g sync and color depth while using HDMI 2.1

Level 7
In 138hz using hdmi 2.1 the monitor OCD > system setup > information will show you 8 bit color depth regardless of what you have selected in windows/nvidia panel. Also g sync is completely unusable, the monitor goes to black for a few seconds than back to normal again for a few seconds and the loop keeps repeating as long as i have an active window open, it's ok in desktop only.
These problems are not an Issue with dp no matter the refresh rate and it's ok with hdmi 2.1 while being on 120khz.
And while using dp i sometimes see a random rectangle shaped artifact for miliseconds, i assume it's becouse of the lower bandwith of the dp cable, i'm even suprised it manages to do 4k 138hz to begin with, i thought that was impossible.
FW v033
Also is there any news regarding any firmware updates? It's been 3 months since the last one and it's been complete silence.

Level 9
Hi, first of all, sorry for my English.

It's clear that Asus doesn't give a damn about our feedback. All over the forums people are complaining about problems with HDR, standby output and signal loss @138Hz with G-Sync in window mode but when contacting their support everything is fine there are no complaints...

I also have the monitor and I also encounter some of the same problems. For such an expensive screen it's really disgusting from them but I guess there's nothing to do 😞

On their side. They will continue to send their broken screen to influencers who don't know much about it and are paid to say it's the best screen in the world anyway.

Sorry again for my bad English but clearly I had to say it because I don't know what to do either. It's clear that Asus has one of the worst communications possible.

I just received mine yesterday and if firmware V033 brings a much better ABL experience, the HDR is clearly broken. The colors are off (especially the yellow tones) and even if I play with the HDR windows console it doesn't help a lot. I want to be able to switch between SDR and HDR without the need to move sliders in the Nvidia control panel every time. I can't get why it seemed to work in V028 but we can't get good HDR with the latest corrections (higher peak brightness, better ABL, wake up issues...). It doesn't seem so complicated but it seems that Asus has moved on and droped this niche monitor as it is. I'm still wondering if I send it back or not because except HDR, I really like this screen and I'm not sure I would be happy with a TV instead (LG C2 and its glossy panel). Please Asus, do something!

Good news, i know the solution to fix all the issues with the pg42uq ! I sold it and bought the c2 instead.

I think they is a bugs in G-Sync when using HDMI, don't set Full screen and Windows but only Full screen will solved this issue.

Anyway I recommended using DP as HDMI give bad stuttering on gaming when VRR is on (It did not call G-Sync compatible in OSD like connected using DP). Without VRR set to on in HDMI will make the G-Sync not function.

and yes it show as 8-bit when using HDMI connection even you set the to 12-bit at Nvidia control panel. No such issue when connect via DP.

Level 10

Same. Not sure if this is an error, but using HDMI 2.1, overclocked to 138Hz, despite setting color depth to 12-bit in the Nvidia Control Panel, the monitor OSD menu will only show 8-bit. Dropping down to 120Hz, fixes it. Has Asus acknowledged his issue?

Hello gays Ii just like to ask because I was see on the Internet that some people get problems after the firmware update that the monitor go broken is there any chance to remove the firmware update back to standard like reset ? because I bay the 42 inch I like to update but I scanned that is go damaged because of the update 

I have encountered the same issue firmware V033, have you found a fix for that yet?

Super Moderator


Have you tried updating to V037?

Different HDMI 2.1 certified cable?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Yes of course and it is not cable related. If you would take 5 minutes to search the topic you can find plenty of threats (e.g. on Reddit) that everyone is reporting these exact issues. It is 100% related to the firmware.
I just hope the waiting game for a properly working firmware that delivers on everything the monitor is advertised for is not too far in the future.