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PG35VQ issues , are all of them like that !?

Level 7
Hey guys , yesterday I received my new Pg35vq but already noticed some issues

1) Vertical scanlines while enabling gsync and moving camera just like TNs *pixel inversion but even more noticeable, it ruins the images clarity , while still these lines won’t show.

2) The fans won’t turn off even if I turn off the display properly from the button , they run slow but it’s audible during the night I couldn’t sleep... also I put my hand underneath the monitor and could feel hot air coming out which means that something else is working as well. Deep sleep is off and eco mode is off , I have to unplug the power just to make it stop.

3) I had flickering which I fixed with the firmware update

4) poor color factory calibration , I measured only 90% of the srgb and a gamma of 2.07.

Level 7
Ok guys , i could fix the fans issue by enabling the display port deep sleep and calibrated the panel myself properly.

But still those vertical lines are all over the screen , showing in every game , does anyone else has this issue?