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PG35V Shuts Down by Itself

Level 9

First off, why was this thread closed: 

PG35V no longer wakes up unless unplugged 5 or 6 times: PG35V no longer wakes up unless unplugged 5 or 6 t... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 971794 (

It's a serious issues. I have two PG35VQ and it started to happen to both around the same time, first to one and 2 weeks later to the second. The first one is barely usable now. 

What is this? Top of the line monitors that cost 2500€ are failing less that one year after the end of their warranty. Is Asus planning obsolescence?

Exact same issue happening to both monitors. At same time. Another report of the same issue on the forum (which was promptly closed).


Level 7

Same issue although at this point monitor not even powering up. Beginning to suspect the board on the monitor…

Level 9

I have replaced mine with with the 49 qoled and I was left with $5000 in paper weights.

Support wants a video here: