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PG349Q Yellow tint / ghostsing / backlight bleed.

Level 7
SO after a couple months of saving and drooling over this monitor, I decided to bite the bullet and order myself the PG349Q as my early xmas present to myself. I was honestly so excited as I've never owned a proper gaming monitor and been using my old cheap, £100 Samsung 1080p thing for years.

I'm honestly so disappointed with it. I would expect so much more from a £1,000 monitor. If it weren't for the amazing stand and ROG logos, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an Amazon basics panel. Honestly, out of the box, it sucks.

- There is a horrible yellow tint giving a dirty look to anything light/white. Even after doing the calibration suggested a couple pages back (Racing mode and tweak RGB, Contrast and brightness) but I can't get rid of it.
- Unless I am looking at the monitor from EXACTLY the right angle, there is horrible backlight bleed, to the extent that a 45 degree angle it covers >50% of the screen.
- Blacks are incredibly washed out, almost like the monitor is set to Limited colour space. There is no setting in the OSD, and NvidiaCP is set to Full.
- The 120Hz does give a pleasing, perceived effect of smoothness to everything, but I still have as much ghosting as I did in my old budget, £100 monitor. Text is also near unreadable on moving objects or moving a window around. Gaming is not nearly as amazing as I expected. I have messed with the pixel overdrive (Extreme is a blurry mess, Normal is tolerable, and off is as bad as extreme)

I have installed the drivers from the support page which is basically a colour profile, but made no difference.

Can anybody give me any pointers please to get this looking as it should, or could this be an RMA job?

Photo is of my old Samsung C24F390 on the right which has surprisingly good colour for a budget monitor.

Thanks in advance!


Level 8
I had bad uniformity on my first panel (the yellowing). I got it replaced in store and have been OK with the new one ever since. My BLB is very minimal, no complaints. It is not an HDR panel so nothing super amazing but it's a definite image quality upgrade over the older model PG348Q. Unfortunately you might have to bite the bullet and have it replaced.