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PG348Q Slightly dimmed bottom corners.

Level 7
Hey all!

I just recently purchased a PG348Q and overall, it's a mixed bag. It's obviously a beautiful piece of equipment; however, we all know IPS isn't without it's shortfalls. It's seems as if it's a matter of which defect we're willing to accept, especially if some of us are more OCD or meticulous than others.

I began my venture with my first PG348Q that had a single, stuck pixel. It drove me nuts, so I exchanged it for another. With this new one, it seems that the part of the stand near the back doesn't feel 100% locked like my Ben-Q did. I'm guessing it's because the two blocks that interconnect don't really lock to each other. It's just the top and bottom metal connectors that bring the monitor's back to its stand. This is neither here no there, nevertheless, the most significant issue that I'm worried about is what's on the title; it appears that, only slightly, the two bottom corners seem a little dim. Maybe I'm over reacting, maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I'm one of the many people who've found yet another weird defect with these absolutely expensive monitors. You be the judge! I have attached two photos of the monitor with a single color background. You may not be able to see it as I am able to, due to the camera, but the best way I can explain it is that depending on how you look at the screen, you'll see these really faint corners. It's as if the light fades a bit. Compared to the top, the top corners are uniform with the rest of the screen. Shame on me for not remembering if the previous pane had the same issue. If it did, then I would have been able to rule this entire thing out.

Maybe many of you see the same thing? I would really hate to exchange a third monitor and risk a dead pixel or something, but I'm really not sure. I would definitely like some advice from the ROG community.6652466525

Thanks guys!

Level 9
First of all, why didn't you wait for the new 200 Hz 21:9 monitor that should be released in december? Lol jk, I know how you feel. You should honestly stick with the one you have in my opinion. It's not a critical issue, is it? I mean in daily use, gaming, etc.

Level 10
Well, I frankly could not notice that much difference. If you feel it to be distracting or annoying, I would suggest you to try and calibrate the display to see if it goes away. If not, I would still suggest you to stick with it. 🙂 Welcome to ROG!!

Also, have another mac or some other pre-calibrated display that can help you see the difference much better.

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