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pg348q questions

Level 7
Hi all!

I'm currently looking into buying this model for my personal use as an upgrade to my current FHD, 60hz, 24", non gsync, TN one. Now, this looks like a dream come true on paper but I have some questions regarding the long run of this monitor. I know the pg278q/pg279q have had many issues especially after a few months of usage... is this also the case of this monitor? (I couldn't find negative reviews of this kind). Does anyone know of any case of "deterioration" in the long run? Also, what are the main issues to keep an eye out for and what's the best way to identify if they're present? (ex: coilwine, dead pixels, scan line, backlight bleed, yellow/green tint, ips glow, etc)
The reason why I'm so skeptic about it is that I'm currently talking to a private that is selling one and thus there's no warranty... He told me that there's a dead pixel near the upper bezel and that he isn't aware of any other problems. Since I have the possibility to test the monitor at his place with my g751 notebook I'd like to be as prepared as possible.

Test examples:
Pendulum demo at 60Hz and 100Hz - watchout for scan lines
100hz white background - listen to coilwine
white background - identify other dead pixels, abnormal color hue
black background - identify ips glow, backlight bleed, color stuck pixels
Also having a good spare displayport cable (some problems such as scan lines have been reported to be caused by the cable itself)

All advices are welcome.