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PG348Q questions / top screen flickering / optimal gsync setting

Level 9

i've noticed a weird flickering at the top of the screen in most game.

When Gsync is off, no issues.

Managed to get rid of it in some games by turning on Vsync in Nvidia panel and off in game but does not work all the time.

I have a 2080ti and an asus pg348q

Does someone else has this issue? How to solve it?

Other quesiton what is the perfect setting for gsync / vsync?

I have usually vsync On, fps cap at 97

Thanks a lot

Level 9

Level 9
Still no one to help?

Level 7
If Gsync off works, it is probably an issue with Gsync. To be honest, Gsync is not as great as Nvidia was selling everyone on. There are threads over on the Geforce forums about Gsync flickering. I actually feel bad for the companies that adopted Gsync, because they get to pay for RMA's related to it.

I have a PG348Q with this same problem. I seem to have stopped it by turning off Game Bar in Windows - however this also seems to break the in-monitor FPS counter - it just stays on 100. Re-enabling Game Bar fixes the FPS counter but also brings back the flicker.
It seems like G-Sync is still working with the Game Bar off as far as I can tell.