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PG348Q Issues & Reliability

Level 7
All of a sudden one day my PG348Q failed. Barely 11 months of use.


  • Settings reverted to factory default
  • OSD unable to save/retain settings
  • Overclock refresh rate can't be set, stuck at default 60hz
  • G-sync no longer functions
  • Monitor detect was generic PnP
  • Sleep/Suspend or DP unplugged, display will start burn-in test pattern
  • Different factory menu options appears. replacing the X button

Other threads here with same issue by many users with other ROG monitors.

RMA Repair. Main board need to be replaced?


  • Why is this happening? QA issue?
  • Leaving g-sync/overclock enabled reduce lifespan? Overheating?
  • How can this be prevented from occurring?

Level 13
I would definitely open a ticket while you are in warranty!
No issues with my PG278Q or PG348Q
Something to keep in mind....all things have failures. a 5% failure rate is considered a great success. Thing is seldom see people posting of how great their hardware is and how its never failed them, you always see the 5% posting about how the manufacturer is a POS though. :cool:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

My display unit is currently on RMA which is time consuming and costly to ship.

I don't know what the industry failure rate for PC monitors are, but 5% seems high from this list. Failure rate that are considered reliable hover around 2%, venturing towards 5% and beyond is considered high rate.

Every product will have their lemon/duds, usually only people that have issues voice their concerns, but it is the number/rate of those negative remarks that matter in comparison to other similar products. I do see anecdotally ROG swift line having more issues than other brands like Dell etc. Reading around people/articles quoting poor QC issues.

If an issue is known & a way to mitigate or prolong it's lifespan by doing some kind of precautionary steps I would like to know. Like if the unit has heat issue and leaving it overclocked increase it's chance of board failure. Maybe leaving g-sync always ON puts less strain than toggling ON/OFF when alt-tabbing between desktop & fullscreen games, much like how a light bulb last longer staying constantly on than turning on/off repeatedly.