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PG348Q color/calibration issue.

Level 8
I have received a replacement PG348Q (brand new) with manufacturer date November 2018 and I'm having some difficulty calibrating this screen. It seems to have more red and green levels in it than I'm used to and the brightness reduced to where I normally have it is straining my eyes. I usually use the TFT Central calibration of R 97 G 99 B 100 which has been fine with my previous monitor but but this panel's green level is very high and I'm having to bring it down to around 93. The gray's on the screen still look a bit green and it's just not agreeing with my eyes.

Is it possible for the colors to differ slightly like this from panel to panel or could this be a poor factory calibration or even a panel issue? I've had two PG348Q's that both worked with the TFT Central calibration without the need for any further tweaking. The brightness on the new panel I have seems a lot higher than usual. Is it normal for some panels to have stronger back light's? This is a recently manufactured PG348Q so does anyone know if the panels have been changed? Would appreciate any info.

Edit: After further use/calibration tweaking I'm finding that even with the brightness very low it still straining my eyes. This tends to make the text look a little blurry but I'm not sure if it is. Has this screen been fitted with a more powerful backlight than usual?