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PG348Q buttons seemingly dead?

Level 7
I have owned this monitor for 1 year and 3 months now and my expectations have been beyond exceeded. Truly a top notch experience owning this gorgeous monitor. Gaming on this thing... I see no reason to ever return to the 27" world lol. Unfortunately, last night while surfing the internet with headphones on and a youtube video in the background, a nasty storm rolled into town causing my power to flicker. The power couldn't have been down for more then a single heartbeat before it came back, but within that single second all of the lights on my mobo and tower turned off, as well as the monitor going black (should mention the tower and the monitor are plugged into a surge protector. A second later and everything sprang back to life, including returning me to exactly where I left off mid news article location. Worried about any potential damage being cause, I immediately shut down my PC and went to press the power button on my monitor when I noticed that nothing happened. Pressing the power button didn't seem to do anything at all and my monitor stayed powered on no matter, what displaying the "no display signal found" screen. Eventually detecting no signal it seemed to enter a pseudo-off state.

At this point I began to nervously worry about what had happened to my baby. As soon as the storm passed I turned the PC back on and noticed that pressing the power button had no effect again, and it seemed as soon as the monitor noticed a signal being reported again it turned itself back on independent of any button pressing done by me. Now that the PC is on and I can inspect more closely I have determined with my completely "zero technical experience" that there seems to be nothing wrong with the monitors functions other than the fact that all four buttons and the joystick are non-responsive... completely dead...

I am assuming there is not much that can be done to trouble shoot this issue? Would I still be able to RMA this product after a year of owning it? Any help would be super appreciated, I don't have anywhere near the money right now to purchase another one of these sadly and I am kind of terrified of losing this monitor.

Level 40
I don't think it's up to ASUS to replace your monitor damaged by a storm!

If anyone would, it would be the company that makes the surge protector if they claim it will reliably mitigate lightning strikes (if they are that dumb).

Troubleshooting, I would remove all power from the monitor for a while and see if that "resets" it's normal functionality...

Level 13
Best you caan do with this is if the company you bought the so called surge protector has a guarantee then hit them up. There are a few that make REAL surge arrestors and offer up very large coverage if they fail, then again the real surge arrestors are not cheap. The $20 POS power strips labeled "surge protector" are a joke and do abosolutley nothing. You might want to check your grounding as well as this monitor is a DC power supply brick that isolates it from the AC power. Had things been properly grounded there is zero probability that a surge would fry your monitor, it may take out the power brick but not the monitor. This goes for the PC as well as the connection to the chassis of the PC and monitor are bonded via the display cable. Another course of action after the fact is to get a dual conversion online UPS and you will never have this worry again. This is what I use for my dektop.

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