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PG348Q anything above 75hz changes desktop and no apps or windows visible

Level 7
As the title says I have a PG348Q 21:9 100hz monitor. But if I try OC'ing it to above 75hz my desktop is altered. My taskbar, which is normally on the left is put on the bottom and no matter what I try to do no apps or windows can be seen on my monitor (but the desktop itself is there). To add, my GPU is a Asus Rog Strix 1080ti Gaming and I'm connected by Displayport.
I do have a HDMI connected to the GPU for my TV but the TV is off. That said Nvidia Control panel (which for some reason is oversized) does show my TV (OLED LG C8).
So does anyone know what's up? Is the monitor faulty? Is the cable (which is supposed to be certified with the DP logo and 1.2) faulty or incorrect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Level 7
I found it's because I have a HDMI cable plugged in to the same gpu. For some reason at 75hz it's not a problem but anything above is. Really, no one can explain why that is?

Level 10
Multi or mirrored desktop mode? DP to PG34 and HDMI to LG C8?

MarshallR wrote:
Multi or mirrored desktop mode? DP to PG34 and HDMI to LG C8?

Sorry for the late reply. Well it's been a while since i last tried. I think it was mirrored? Well, when I had my PC connected to my TV via HDMI and PG34 by DP at 75hz I could swap displays by using the Windows key+P. I had a choice where the desktop was shown (always on Display 1 the PG34). But as I said going above 75hz and the desktop acted as a single monitor I guess even with the TV off. With it on it wouldn't show anything on the TV either. Just odd behaviour. Obviously both the DP and HDMI are plugged into the same GPU (1080ti). I have a feeling it's a limitation of the nvidia driver and it just isn't possible, even though my TV is 60hz and 75hz is okay. Any explanation would be appreciated.