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PG348Q 34 inch curved g sync release date?

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Hi folks!

Last I heard was that this monitor would be releasing in December 2015. I was curious if anyone knew more information.

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Some People on overclock Are Saying Release Might Be Next Friday The 29th Same Day That Acer one Might Be Back Instock.But We Can only Hope It Does.Im Getting Really Anxious Waiting.

If they did release it next friday, it would be a stealth release. They should do a press release or something, but if it's out, I will post in here. I check every day. Also nowinstock has a tracker for it.

The Asus monitor WILL be better then the Acer right? The Asus one will be an actual 100hz refresh rate right not an overclock like the acer?

I think acer sold the x34 as a 60hz monitor that way the can advertise a 5ms response time. Once the 100hz over clock is applied the response time goes up to 10ms, the overclock to 100hz feature seemed to be clever marketing hiding the 10ms response time.

In everyone's honest opinion which of the two monitors do you think will be better?

Is it possible to preorder this monitor?

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Hey folks, this page states a release date of April 2016. I don't know how reliable this source is, but it's one of the first I have seen with an actual date.

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well there is a driver for that monitor so it cannot be long

asus store no product so far

I'll give Asus two more weeks then I'm buying the Acer, there shouldn't be any real difference it seems.

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Feb. 12th?

eldub0844 wrote:
Feb. 12th?

Where did you get the 12th from?

After reading threads on this forum about how many people are getting bad quality screens and power units....................... maybe I'm actually gonna go for Acer instead.