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PG32UQXR Screen Setup

Level 7

Hello here,

Just installed my all new PG32UQXR Screen. I still can't find any detailed review on the net so asking here 2 technical questions (using it along with a 4090 FE) :

1- What is the best way to plug it to the computer ? HDMI 2.1 or DP 1.4 ? (I'll run it at 144Hz, not 160Hz)

2- What is the best setting for Variable OD ? (from 1 to 5) Because usually it's not worth going too high to avoid artifacts and other stuff ..

Thanks a lot in advance !


Level 8

Congrats on the new monitor. Hope you are enjoying it thus far. I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

1- Because it is a 4K monitor, HDMI 2.1 is limited to 120Hz. Regardless of that, I would suggest always plugging your main monitor/s with DP. If you aren't going to be using 4K but with lower resolution settings for gaming, then HDMI can handle higher refresh rates.

My third monitor is connected with HDMI as it's not used for gaming, my other 2 are connected to DP.

2- I came across a post on this monitor and said something about OD and they stated that on all 5 settings, they had ghosting and when OD is off, didn't come across it. Can't really help you there with OD settings, sorry mate. I'll leave a link to the post below.

Hope it helps.

Hey you

Thanks a lot for your answer. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me 😉

Per my research (and what is written in the manual by the way) : HDMI is absolutely not limited to 120Hz in 4K 😉

I can confirm that the monitor does indeed support 160HZ on HDMI 2.1. That is currently how I have my UQXR hooked up writing this post 😄 If anyone has a link to a settings guide that would be helpful. Though I may be ahead of the curve here it seems.

Level 7

Anyone ?

Level 7

Is there any review available somewhere on this screen ? can't find a single one

There is a YouTube video where an owner gives a quick unboxing and rundown of the monitor but not a "professional" review.

yes saw it already 🙂 indeed not a review !