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PG32UQX is finally here.

Level 9
I posted this on the facebook DIY group, and figured I would also put it here. Looks like Microcenter is the First Channel Partner to have this monitor in stock. Lets just say I got lucky, and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the option to reserve for in store pick up on the micro center website. I am upgrading from a PG27UQ, its little brother, which I also have for sale now, and so far the only thing I can say is probably going to get me banned for use of foul language. I mean that in a 100 percent positive way. It has really been a jaw dropping experience. I immediately loaded up my favorite HDR scene, which happens to be the opening level in the NEW COD Modern Warefare. The Incredible depth of the dark shadowed areas rivals my LG OLED TV, and if you have played this mission, you must remember the part when the bombs drop on the compound. Lets just say I was not ready for that!! Truly eye searing HDR glory. Gaming immersion just jumped up to an entire different level. Now I have to go back and play literally every HDR game I own. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer. Keep in mind I don't have all the time in the world to game, so It will take some time before I can fully test this beast.

Level 10
Hey I have a request for any PG32UQX owner. Can you please open a fully black picture in your web browser and enter fullscreen mode (F11) then take a photo of your monitor in SDR mode with Local Dimming enabled, and max brightness set in the monitor OSD, so I can see how black it looks compared to my current IPS monitor? You need to take the picture using the same exposure settings as me otherwise it won't be comparable. Use Pro mode in your phone's camera app to set shutter speed to 1/10 and ISO to 800. Here's an example full black picture you can load in Chrome and press F11 to fullscreen it: